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Most people refer to a “service” as a “tune-up” - this term generally means an ENGINE service which, in the past, included things like replacing spark plugs and plug wires, points and condenser, changing the air filter, adjusting valves, checking and adjusting engine timing and fuel mixture. 


Nowadays, modern engines with computer control systems have eliminated things like regulating fuel mixture or ignition timing. Electronic ignition systems do not use points and a condenser. Innovated engines with hydraulic lifters no longer require valve adjustments. In fact, some don’t even have spark plug wires anymore.


Engines still need to be serviced though, they require service or a “tune-up” every so many miles. Even though the newer engines do not have many of the service parts and adjustments of the older ones, they still require more than “new plugs and an air filter”, including newer diagnostic tools to ensure that all the computer systems and their various sensors are functioning properly.


A tune up from Magnum Auto Repair includes checking the computer system(s) for any DTC’s (Diagnostic Trouble Codes) and resetting the service light once the cause has been removed.

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