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Scheduled Maintenance

The very first step to avoid engine failure is taking care of your vehicle from the start. Even if you have owned your car for only a few years, begin a scheduled maintenance to extend the life of your vehicle.

When is a replacement necessary?

At times, even maintenance and repairs can't save your engine. If your engine has been damaged or simply can't be saved, you can trust us to offer options for replacements.

Bring in your car for its regular check up

Vehicles are made up of many moving parts and systems which, with time, experience wear and tear – this is why a scheduled maintenance is so important. Here at Magnum Auto Repair, we help you lengthen the life of your vehicle!

Maintenance Service

Your scheduled maintenance will involve different services depending on the mileage on your vehicle. These are some of the services we provide to keep your car driving smoothly and safely:

• Oil and oil filter changes

• Fluid flushing and replacement

• Battery inspection

• Fuel filter replacement

• Brake pad and fluid replacement

• Suspension system inspection

Transmission Repair

Transmission failure can be tragic – you can prevent this with regular transmission maintenance and repair.


Protect Your Vehicle

Your highest risk for experiencing transmission failure is not keeping up with the regular care and maintenance of the system. Make sure you have your car's fluids flushed at least every 2 years.


Visit us for maintenance and repair, and trust our authorized team to handle the ongoing maintenance of your transmission to avoid expensive and time-consuming repairs later. If your transmission fails, we offer several options for replacement systems. Call us at (616) 785-6033 to talk over your options.

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